How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for Your First Date

How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for Your First Date

First dates are nerve-wracking affairs. Not only do you have to pick out the best outfit, but you also have to choose a restaurant that makes a great first impression.

When you’re planning for a first date, not all restaurants are the same. Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a restaurant when you want to make a great first impression.

A great ambiance

You don’t have to choose the fanciest place on the block for your first date, but you should never go to a run of the mill restaurant. When you pick the perfect first date spot, you want to ensure it has a cozy ambiance for chatting or a unique atmosphere to spark conversation. Try to look for venues that offer special events or live music. That way, the band can keep you both occupied when there’s a lull in the conversation. Choosing a venue you think you’d both enjoy is a great way to help you pick a restaurant.

An expansive menu

Before you take your new date to a great restaurant, be sure to check out the menu. A great first date spot will have fresh ingredients and a variety of options to choose from. You also need to verify if your date has any allergies or dietary restrictions and avoid restaurants with potential triggers.

You can’t go wrong when you pick a place specializing in all you can eat crab legs and steak. These indulgent dishes are a great way to make a special occasion even more memorable. You can have a blast pairing your favorite foods with a cocktail or two. Just be sure to visit a restaurant with the largest variety of seafood so the menu is accessible to every palate.

Is it new to you?

An estimated 20% of Americans will visit a full-service restaurant once per week, but your date will be more fun if you’re both experiencing it for the first time.

While you might hope that the restaurant surprises both of you, it can be all the more entertaining if something goes wrong. Regardless, visiting a new restaurant is the best way to start making memories with your date.

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